Living on Light - The Source of Nourishment for the New Millennium – by Jasmuheen

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The book "Living on Light" offers the possibility and maintained by the Universal Life Force also called Prana. Some saints and sages have done this before, but now the time has come, when everyone can do this for themselves. The Australian author Jasmuheen has not eaten any food for 5 years. This book describes how this came to her and a special 21-day process to convert the body to the new way of being sustained. It explains in details from a metaphysical view, how the body works and methods for selfhealing, regeneration and rejuvenation. Breatharians get nourished from the purest source, the Universal Life Force which contains all bodily needs. It is not necessary to have a certain religion or belief system to do the process. The process is at least a way to listen and connect with the inner voice.

People who have undergone this 21-day process have increased their health and life quality tremendously. They are more connceted to the Power within, and can heal emotional pain from childhood. People facilitating energy-work have stated, more clarity comes with this process and enhances their work. The energy level gets much higher because there is no waste of energy from digestion. Most people report, they reqire much less sleep.